Junior League Fixtures 2017

  Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Match 6
15th May Hull V Beverley Bridlington V Hornsea Brough V Burstwick Cottingham V Hessle Scar NC V Ganton
22nd May Cottingham V Ganton Scar NC V Bridlington Burstwick V Hull Beverley V Brough Hornsea V Hessle
29th May Bridlington V Cottingham Beverley V Burstwick Hessle V Brough Ganton V Hornsea Hull V Scar NC
5th June Ganton V Beverley Burstwick V Bridlington Cottingham V Brough Scar NC V Hornsea Hull V Hessle
12th June Hornsea V Hull Brough V Scar NC Burstwick V Cottingham Hessle V Ganton Beverley V Bridligton
19th June Brough V Ganton Bridlington V Hessle Hornsea V Beverley Scar NC V Burstwick Cottingham V Hull
26th June Scar NC V Cottingham Hull V Bridlington Hornsea V Brough Ganton V Burstwick Hessle V Beverley
3rd July Beverley V Scar NC Ganton V Bridlington Brough V Hull Hessle V Burstwick Hornsea V Cottingham
10th July Burstwick V Hornsea Bridlington V Brough Cottingham V Beverley Ganton V Hull Hessle V Scar NC

Fixtures to be played on Mondays, change only in exceptional cases if both Clubs agree. If the fixture is changed it MUST be played in the week specified.


Top three clubs in the league will play off by 18 holes Stroke Play at Ganton Golf Club on Tuesday 29th August 2017.


Players may only play for one Team during the Season.


No Caddies are allowed. Spectators must keep a good distance from the players.


Please email results to: pjwoodcock@hotmail.co.uk